About Us

Manabiaya Aastha Nepal (Humanity Faith Nepal) is a non-profit organization based solely on philosophy of humanity at the time of crisis.
On 25th of April 2015, Nepal had a big earthquake after more than a 80 years with the magnitude of 7.9. Bhaktapur an old city in Kathmandu valley is one of the mostly affected cities among others. Hundreds of people were dead, thousand of became homeless and millions of property had been lost. Immediately after the powerful quake, some local people started to rescue the people under the collapsed building without caring of the continuous after shock. From 26th of April, these locals started to distribute relief items to the quake victims with an assistance of the Minister of Industry, Government of Nepal, Honorable Mahesh Basnet. Soon after, Honorable Minister Mahesh Basnet and local NRN donated some seed money for the quake victims relief programme. After the quake victim relief programme, honerable minister belongs to same city and the same locals started work on temporary rehabilitation. Eventually, keeping in view of the philanthrophy, humanity and transparency, an effort of the locals made instituionalized with the name of Manabiya Aastha Nepal (Humanity Faith Nepal) and registerd at District Administration office Bhaktapur under the provision of government legislation. Finally, Manabiya Aastha Nepal (Humanity Faith Nepal) got registration as 2071/72, with registration no. 82.

Our Objectives

  • To Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitation of the Earth quake victims.
  • To contribute to post- Earth Quake rebuilding of the city, its heritage and monuments.
  • To Support for the education of the children who became parentless after quake.
  • To revitalize the culture and festival of the ancient city.

Our Motto

Manabiya Aastha Nepal has only one motto that is HELP OTHERS IN NEED.